About Us

Almost 30 years of analysis, design and programming in corporate environments and for SMEs has contributed to creating phpwebspace

When it comes to your IT requirements it is "getting your message out there" that is most important, and that takes thought and planning. Free hosting and "build your own" websites might seem a good short-term move, but time will soon show that a little bit of time taken to choose strategy and direction could reap great rewards later.

We have the experience to help you achieve that; come and talk to us and we'll work together to make sure that your project achieves the success it deserves.



Come to us for any bespoke php programming that may be required. Whether it be web-oriented or for an in-house system we can work with you to create the applications that you require

If the project requires specialist knowledge we will have a partner with whom we can put you in contact who will be able to help. We can also help you with having photographs taken and/or logos designed.


Web Design

Getting the right look and feel to your website is as important as the content, so make sure that you choose carefully when deciding on a designer.

In this multi-platform age your website needs to look good on not only high-resolution PC screens but also on the various tablets out there, Smart TV sets and the smallest of mobile devices.

Utilising the Bootstrap framework we can ensure that your site will look professional regardless of how your potential customers are viewing it!


Bespoke CMS

Whether you want a completely bespoke CMS to be written or would like your existing website to be upgraded so that you can edit it we are the team to do it.

We have been writing made-to-order CMS solutions for 11 years, and in that time have come across most things!

Drop us a line to discuss, and we'll see what we can do!